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Liberty Tabletop Flatware

The Only Flatware Made in the USA
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The flatware sets and accessories created for you by Liberty Tabletop are made in the United States, employing American craftsmen and using the highest quality materials. Our flatware is 18/10 stainless steel, meaning it will retain its attractive luster as it is passed down through generations. And, we use the traditional, time-honored technique of hollow handle knife construction. The design, materials, weight and balance are tactile indicators of a level of quality and craftsmanship you can expect every time you pick up Liberty Tabletop flatware. Quality flatware & silverware built to last a lifetime.


Sample board of all styles of flatware for viewing and ordering available all year by appointment at the Crawl Space. 

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Table Set Baby Set


The Crawl Space features lamps of all types. 


The rug collection at the gallery is comprised of oriental handmade rugs from Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, and China dating from the early 20th to present day.  The inventory is comprised of both pile and flat weaves(Kilim.)


The Crawl Space has a wonderful selection of one of a kind jewelry including our own “Sillie’s  Collection” & “LCN Collection” of handcrafted gemstone, natural stone, & silver jewelry. Our artists have one of a kind selections of handcrafted jewelry in fused glass, leather, & vintage, and the antique dealers provide us with really cool, unique pieces of costume jewelry. 

Antique Furniture

The Crawl Space Artigiano Gifts & Gallery antique dealers fill the Shoppe with antique furniture and collectibles that are as unique and beautiful as the artwork that is display with them…It’s quite a site!  Nothing is more attractive then beautiful artwork displayed with a wonderful piece of antique furniture. The antique furniture is mostly comprised of American and European 19th Century furniture, American and European 20th Century furniture, and modern furniture.


Our dealers pick the best quality of both furniture and collectibles to offer for sale at the Crawl Space.


The  collectables at the gallery are an eclectic collection of period/vintage smalls ranging from American, European and oriental porcelains from the 19th to 20th century,  19th century blue and white, brown and white transfer ware, art glass, murano glass,  pottery, wooden boxes, American and european period prints, engravings, drawings,  and paintings . 


The Crawl Space Gallery represents over 40 CNY artisans. The extremely talented selection of artisans encompasses works of art such as fused glass, stain glass, woodworking, photography, jewelry, & mixed media artwork. The selection of items exhibits the talent and pride of our artisans in creating unique & wonderful one of a kind pieces.

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